Turning Dream Home into Reality Home

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We’ve all had those grand ideas that we can picture so perfectly in our mind, but can’t seem to bring it to life. Perhaps you saw something inspiring that you’d like to recreate, or perhaps you have a brand new idea of your own; the problem is you just don’t have the tools to make it happen.

That’s where Falcon Homes in-house design centre and award winning design team come in to shine!

We’re here to help transform your grand ideas into grand realities by conveniently offering a variety of the latest building products and styles for your home’s interior and exterior ~ right at your fingertips.

From the start of your building process, right through to the end our customers get to work side by side with their own Falcon Homes liason in our newly renovated design centre to help your ideas come together with innovation and elegance to create the home of your dreams.

Come visit Falcon Homes today and see what dreams we can make come true for you!

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Tree-rific Houses

We all dreamed of having the best tree house in the neighborhood as a kid, well imagine making that dream come true! A few lucky folks have done just that! 

tree-house 1

1. Designer Tom Chudleigh has created these amazing “Free Spirit Spheres”. The nicely compliment the opposites of ultra-modernistic spherical shapes nestled against the backdrop of raw nature, all while maintaining an eco-friendly living quarters. These Spheres be hung from almost anything from trees to rock faces. All you need is a little webbing,  ropes, and  four anchor points to suspend the entire weight of the spheres. To withstand the elements of nature, each sphere is waterproof and impact-resistant, composed of an internal laminated wood frame and clear fiberglass exterior.

treehouse 2

2. This Japanese Lantern inspired treehouse was the brain child of Lukasz Kos, a student at the University of Toronto’s School of Architecture and Design. Kos designed it to look as though it is a lantern floating on stilts in the middle of four fir trees of Lake Muskoka, Ontario. During the day, the lattice work walls act like a tree canopy letting light filter through, and by night cast a romantic light from within the forest. The main floor consists of a bedroom, with two upper floors open to the elements of nature.

treehouse 3

3. German cooperative Bauraum knows how to keep imagination alive in their homes. Combining architecture, landscape design and “arboriculture,” they create treetop dwellings which integrate beautifully into their forested surroundings, and preserve the integrity of the trees that support them. With the breezy playfulness of a hammock and the trusted stability of an old oak tree, baumraum won’t make you grow up to enjoy a sophisticated house.

treehouse 4

4. The medival castle of Chateau de Langeais was founded in 992 by Fulk Nerra, Count of Anjou.  As if the vast history the estate was not enough to tantilize the wildest of imaginations, nestled in the sprawling park of Chateau de Langeais a wonderful treehouse to bring out the child in everyone. The best new is, this beautiful place is open to the public making this amazing treehouse accessible to anyone (that to fly to France that is)!

treehouse 5

5. How about having the worlds largest treehouse?! That honor goes to in Horace Burgess in Crossville, Tennessee. The roughly 10,000 sq.ft (and expanding) tree house was created out of 258,000 nails, lots and lots of recycled wood, and the inspiration of God. Currently, the treehouse is up to 80 rooms, and is supported by 6 trees. Being a Minister by trade, Burgess has included a 3rd floor sanctuary (that seconds as a basketball court) and bell tower.


6. If you’re ever wandering around the woods of Whistler B.C., be sure to keep an eye out for this hidden treasure! Joel Allen created this eggcellent treehouse after his career in software development went belly up. He decided to switch his focus to learning a trade and embarked on building this egg shaped treehouse deep in the crown lands of Whistler. His idea was to make the place accessible to anyone – that could find it! If you are one of the lucky few to discover this treehouse you will be welcomed with a relaxing seating area, pop-up windows, beautiful views, and a sign in book with 6 signatures to date. Dare you to be the 7th!

treehouse 7

7. Looking to disappear? Harad’s Reflective Tree Hotel might be just the place for you! Groundbreaking architecture that highlights eco-friendly sustainability without compromising on design and comfort. From micro-cubes, to spaces fitting up to 12 people, there is a design option for every tree-hugging customer. There are currently 5 tree rooms hidden among the pine trees, and even a 12 person sauna tree house. These innovative Scandinavian designers are planning more rooms in the near future.

treehouse 8a

8. Does tree life interest you, yet intimidate you? No problem. Come enjoy a commitment free meal in nature at the Yellow Treehouse Restaurant outside  Auckland, New Zealand. Don’t be fooled by your rustic surroundings, this restaurant provides 5 star meals within the lavish pod shaped treehouse suspended 10 meters up into the Redwood forest and seating up to 30 guests.

treehouse 9

9. Love treehouses, but heights just aren’t your thing? Well, Bill Allen, the founder of Forever Young Treehouses in Burlington, Vermont has just the solution! This non-profit organization specializes in treehouses for disabled and chronically ill children (and the young at heart). A low grade 160 foot ramp weaves between groves of trees climbing 15 feet and leading to a series of treehouses right out of a fairy tale.

treehouse 10c

10. The originators of the tree house perhaps should go to the Koroway tribe in the Papua province of Indonesia. This nomadic clan of a mere 3,000 people build their homes high up into the jungles of the Brazza River Basin to avoid low lying pest (and awful neighbors). This tribe of people was only recently discovered in 2010, and are officially recognized as “Tree Dwellers”. The Koroway live a very simple life hunting and gathering off the land, and then climbing their impressive heights back to their dwellings over 100 ft off the ground. The homes are often staggered at various heights to avoid rifts with neighbors, and sleeps families up to 8 people.

Spring Forward!


Now that the harsh winter months are coming to an end, it’s time to freshen up your house and prepare for SPRING! Don’t be daunted, there are still a few months before spring is in full swing, so set out a plan, tackle one task at a time, and stick to it!

EXTERIOR: As exciting as it is to see the snow melt away, be sure it doesn’t translate into flooding! Shovel snow away from the foundation of your house, and make sure your sump pump and back-flow valve are in good working condition. Check the seals around all doors and window and replace any caulking or stripping that may be damaged. Inspect your roof for any damaged, loose, or missing shingles. Thoroughly clean out your gutters, down-spouts  chimney’s, and dryer vent. Clean out any basement window wells.

LANDSCAPING: If you are the ambitious gardener, now is about the time to start preparing your seeds for planting. Now is also a good time to do your pruning; clip back any unruly branches and bushes to free up your yard and walking spaces. Clean up any accumulated debris with a good raking. Be sure to check the condition of your watering hose, and underground sprinklers if you have them. If it has not been properly stored the cooler weather can crack the casing. Same goes for your walk paths and driveways. Extreme Alberta weather conditions can be hard on cement and stone so as the snow melts away check for any cracks or chips, and replace and seal as necessary.

HVAC MAINTENANCE: It is important to check all your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems. Be sure to clean and/or change any filters, and make sure the systems are operating properly.

INTERIOR: A good tip is to work your way top to bottom, inside to out. Time to let the sun shine in! Unfortunately, this means cleaning windows… Want to save cash and be environmentally friendly? Click here for an easy and safe cleaning solution. Don’t forget the drapes and blinds! Shake out and vacuum drapes, and toss blinds into a soapy tub for a quick rinse. Dust-bust the winter blues away. Be sure to clean your ceiling fan blades after being stationary for several months. After all the crud has fallen be sure to thoroughly clean your rugs, carpets, and flooring. Be sure to check all your emergency systems in your home: fire extinguishers, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and your home security system.

GARAGE: Don’t forget the garage! As a storage unit for a bevy of dangerous goods, pay attention to the proper storage of chemicals, make sure dangerous items are stored safely out of the way of tripping or dropping hazards, and most importantly, give your wheels a thorough check-up!

FACELIFT: Sometimes is as simple as a little makeover to really bring in the spring. Consider brightening up your home with a few spring accents such as colorful throw pillows and/or blankets, fresh cut flowers, colorful linens, rearranging furniture, or just swapping out a few pictures! Go through all your storage spaces from closets, to pantries, to medicine cabinets, and discard and/or thrift unwanted items.

Now that Spring Cleaning is done you can sit back and just enjoy the warm weather!